Update: Almost at the 7-month mark…

rain in NYC

November 5, 2018

It has been a while! Later this month we reach the 7-month mark in this crazy journey. While I take a break from staring at job postings on Indeed or LinkedIn, I figured now was a good time to share updates and some thoughts.

Firstly, my husband, Daniel, got a job! He was offered an Assistant Store Manager position at Arc’teryx. I am so ecstatic for Daniel – not only because he found a job, but because he found a GREAT one. Arc’teryx has a wonderful company culture; they seem to really care for their employees. Note: Daniel has never really worked for a good company, so this is such a wonderful thing to happen for him. Daniel has always been a career man and I am so happy he found Arc’teryx. Oh! We also have income coming in again! Man, I’ve missed money.

What about me? The job hunt continues. I keep going back and forth about throwing a wider net into the job pool. There are a lot of different positions out there, but I am still focused on anything television/entertainment/production/media-related.

My constant networking (stalking business professionals via LinkedIn) is working out for me. I am talking to more people about the types of jobs I am interested in and building better connections to the companies I am eyeing.

A recent improvement for me has been working with staffing agencies. I’ve completed one job assignment so far, but this is a great help to my resume. I was finally able to add a ‘New York’ job to my resume, which will hopefully help me in not just being viewed as a ‘Georgia’ girl. Plus, more money. Yay, money! I have been encouraged that getting more ‘New York’ job experiences can help me in terms of setting up interviews – after all, interviewers want to know that I can navigate a busy city, which also means I can navigate a busy office.

Daniel and his Uncle Peter, who has been graciously hosting us in Katonah since we arrived in March, continue to encourage me to find the job I really want. While I am so happy to have all of this support, I can’t ignore my anxious tendencies – I want a job and a place in the city. I don’t want to be a burden in any way to Peter. CLARIFICATION: Peter loves having us in his home. He has even reassured us that we could stay longer if needed. It’s my own head telling me that I am a troublesome responsibility to Peter. So, despite the reassurance from Peter and Daniel, I am stressing myself out now to find a job.

I have been looking at assistant positions within real estate, law firms, and universities/schools in the city. I am casting a wider net. However, I am still being picky.

As a reminder, my job hunting consists of sitting at the computer 2-3 times a day (Monday-Saturday) to search for jobs and any new positions that may have been posted while I go on a coffee or snack break. I have found this to be good practice as I (1) have the time, (2) it keeps me alert to any jobs I may have missed during my search, and (3) it feels good knowing that I may be one of the first applicants for a newly posted position.

I once talked to a recruiter who incredulously said, “There’s no way you spend all day job hunting!” Umm, yes, I do. It’s real. I have my saved links to career sites for specific companies. After I go through the specific sites, I then visit Indeed. After Indeed, it’s LinkedIn. From there, I take a quick break. It’s neat to see how new jobs are posted throughout the day.

At this point in the day (3:50PM on Monday), I have already done my job search twice today. I will probably do more at around 4:15PM, once I am done writing this post.

In case you’re curious about other things in our lives…

How are the finances? Money is good. Daniel working is, of course, a big weight off of both our shoulders. Daniel working in the city does equal more money needing to be spent – a monthly $370 Metro-North train pass. We have not been able to add too much back into Savings as of yet, but I’m hoping the later November/early December paychecks will help catch us up.

Remember the whole “New York is expensive” warning we continuously receive? Obviously, NY is expensive. We knew that planning the move here. While it’s not fun to see those NY taxes being deducted from Daniel’s paychecks, Daniel makes a comfortable living. This will also be greatly improved once I have a job.

Once we’re working and living in the city, I look forward to not having to pay:

  • M-N monthly pass ($370)
  • Storage POD ($315)

Health insurance? HECK YAS! We have health insurance again, baby! And great insurance. Daniel is currently paying to cover us both, which sucks money-wise, but we are excited. Now we both just need to a see a doctor, a dentist, and an eye doctor before the year’s end.

Am I writing? Sadly, not as much lately. I was on a roll with creating an outline, beat sheet, and starting a new script, but my anxiety recently has kept me focused on the job search. I believe a writer should always be writing, but I have such a hard time motivating myself. But tomorrow is a new day so we will see.

Am I still happy about our choice to move to NY? 100% YES. This has been the most incredible thing to happen to us. Daniel loves his job and he doesn’t hate the commute to/from the city. He loves walking through the city and sometimes getting lost in it.

And I am happy. I may not have a job and I may be stressing about everything, but I end every day feeling so relieved that we are here. I do miss Georgia, at times. I miss our family and friends. I miss Publix grocery stores. I miss Mexican restaurants that cover every dish in melted cheese. I miss BBQ. I even miss southern drivers (NY drivers are cray).

Would I have done anything differently? I shouldn’t have expected that we could find us both jobs and an apartment within three months of living here. Other than having that naive expectation, I would not have done anything differently. Although, I’m wondering if I could have planned better at keeping track of my clothes; I am sadly missing a blue leather jacket and a cape from Paris 😦

We are loving our lives in Katonah and we are enthusiastic about our future apartment in NYC. Once I get a job (*fingers crossed*), we can start the apartment search.

Thanks for reading!








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