Day 55 in New York.


(Picture was taken at Alma Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn.)

We are currently on Day 55 of our new life in New York.

Let me share how it’s going…

Daniel (my husband) and I had a great trip to NYC recently!

Last Wednesday, I was fortunate to have a scheduled tour of the HBO offices. Thankfully, due to LinkedIn connections, an employee was happy to show us (Daniel too) around HBO and talk to us about the company.

I will not share this HBO employee’s name, as I did not ask their permission to write about them.

We started our day in the city with a desire for food – we ordered food at Pokeworks (YUM) and walked to Bryant Park. As it was a beautiful day, EVERYONE was at Bryant Park. Daniel and I found a great place to sit on the edge of the fountain. The location was perfect, as HBO is just around the corner and the New York Public Library is a stone’s throw away.

I was honestly nervous about our trip to HBO. I didn’t want to get my hopes up – I convinced myself this was merely a tour of an office building. But my fear ultimately told me that I could possibly learn information to discourage me from further applying to HBO.

HBO has been my main goal. Of course, I have been applying to other big networks here (NBC, CBS, Disney/ABC, etc.). I think this fantasy I have about HBO stems from employee referrals; any HBO employee I have talked to has dished about how great the company is, how great benefits are, and how the company cares for its employees.

We finished lunch early enough that we stopped by the New York Public Library. It was certainly an overwhelming visit – we didn’t know where to go or how to start. In the end, we viewed a beautiful library with amazing exhibits and artwork.


HBO is a big company. It made sense that we were greeted by a front desk and security that required a check-in process.

The HBO employee who offered the tour greeted us and began the tour. Looking back, I feel it would take a couple of weeks to get used to navigating the offices (if I recall, HBO stretches across a couple of buildings/floors).

There are a lot of perks to working for HBO – a dining area where employees can buy food (with no tax, if I recall), a gym, beautiful areas to work away from your office with amazing views of the city/Bryant Park), a screening theater, and access to view shows/movies.

Here is what I learned about HBO from the perspective of this employee – I WANT TO WORK FOR HBO. They care about their employees and offer opportunities for advancements. Daniel learned that he should apply for HBO jobs, even though he doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree. One thing that has been holding Daniel back from applying for certain jobs are degree requirements. But this employee told us that if you have the experience and are willing to be a team player, why not apply for jobs with or without a degree? HBO wants employees who can do the work, who can complete tasks in a timely manner, and who can work within a team.

The employee told me the best bit of information – the hiring process can take time. This person, who has worked for HBO for a couple of years, waited five months to get a call about their first position. I have been stressing recently about trying to find a job ASAP, but I realize we have only been in New York for less than two months.

What else improved my mood about applying for HBO? This employee is going to help us with the job hunting process by sending us employee links to apply for jobs. This helps us to stick out as employee referrals.

Nothing is guaranteed, I know that. I know employee referrals don’t equate to jobs. But just spending thirty minutes at HBO changed my view on our job hunting.

I am so excited about these possibilities. After we left HBO, I was practically skipping down the street. I learned that HBO is indeed an awesome company to work, there are opportunities to be promoted and/or even transfer out of state (California…?), and the hiring process can take time. Which is OK.

Daniel and I made the best financial choices to protect ourselves in this journey. We can probably go another two months before we need to get steady income coming in again. But I am happy to know that we can be slightly picky with our job applications.

Life is too short. I know this adventure of ours seems crazy, but it’s what we want. Daniel and I have these seemingly unreachable goals but we are doing whatever it takes to make our dreams come true.

It’s cheesy, yes. But what the hell? Why not be cheesy?

We ended our very long day in the city at this random restaurant Daniel found for us. If you saw the picture from Alma Mexican restaurant – you will see this beautiful unfiltered picture Daniel took from the rooftop bar. We watched the sunset, had drinks, and ate delicious food. It was all too perfect. We got to share our excitement with one another about job possibilities. We laughed about the brand new shoes I had to buy since the flats I was wearing earlier were killing my feet. Our fun may have been influenced by the free tequila shots we received from a distributor.

That day in the city was amazing. Daniel and I are still applying for jobs and ready for the next step, whenever that may arise.


OOOO! We also found Captain America in Brooklyn ♥



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