Katonah, New York: Life So Far. (And what we have learned…) Plus pictures!

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Spring finally decided to show up! We enjoyed a beautiful walk today and I decided it was time to share two things with you – our life in Katonah and what we have learned about the next steps we need to take to reach success.

DSC_0772   DSC_0760

The 59 degree temp. + sunny day was calling me today.

For the first time, in a long while, I had the urge to go outside. Since we arrived in Katonah, we have experienced mostly cold weather and gray skies. The sun was peaking through the attic window and Daniel was ecstatic to accept my proposal to take Harley on a nice walk.

DSC_0759 DSC_0762

Before I show you around Katonah and share my favorite places to eat with you, let me share how life is going…

Life has been fantastic! This adventure for us has been so fun and eye-opening. I have mentioned before that I have never slept better since we arrived at Uncle Peter’s house. My anxiety has not changed, it is still there, but I am certainly learning to cope with it in a better, happier way. Perhaps it’s the drastic change? Or the hope (not fear) of the unknown? Whatever it is, I am happy and loving my new life.

My only disappointment: That I have not magically bumped into Sebastian Stan in the city, yet. But as I am not actively looking for him (author’s note: just a fan, not a stalker), I guess I can’t be too disappointed. I am just jealous that celebrities roam around NYC and my three visits to the city has only led to me seeing that naked lady in Times Square. 

We live in Peter’s attic – but of course, we live in the house too. We’re family, after all. We’re comfortable here and it’s hard to find all of the words to express our gratitude for Peter’s hospitality. We have a place to call home and a safe and comfortable place to transition from once we find jobs. And a place in the city (TBD).

Here is something amazing – Peter likes having us here. His son, Jonah, also likes having us here. We like being here, too. This makes our situation all the more better. If we find jobs in the city, we may not go apartment-hunting any time soon. Living with Peter and Jonah here in Katonah gives us a great opportunity to save money. Rather than renting, we could look into buying in the future. (We’ll see what happens!)

Friends/Family: If you were planning on visiting us in the next year, sorry that we can’t host you in the city. BUT there is a nice Holiday Inn in Mt. Kisco that is super close to us. But this is all TBD…

We have officially been in Katonah for 1 month (and 4 days). No jobs yet. We are not discouraged. In fact, we are still excited and hopeful and wide-eyed for opportunities. 

While Daniel (my hubby) is still looking for jobs based on his professional background, he is also learning more about his dream job – voice-over acting. He had a great opportunity recently – due to Peter’s contacts, Daniel was able to shadow a VO professional/actor around the city while this person had several jobs scheduled. Daniel learned more about the VO world and is still working on job-hunting and VO training.

What he’s learned: (1) Take acting classes. (2) Work on his voice. (3) Start with small jobs.

As for me, I am still strictly applying to jobs in relation to the television/film industry. I have been extremely lucky to talk to two writers who have both offered great tips and suggestions. Both writers recently moved to Los Angeles from NY. I have learned that to broaden my job search to include positions within digital media. It is all about getting experience and knowing the right people. While my resume is great for someone looking for management experience, I don’t have any experience on set (unless the few ‘jobs’ as being an extra for movies counts?). So I am also looking for jobs that get me on set. I am still being picky with my job search – so I may give it another month before I job-search with the intention of just getting income in again.

What I have learned: (1) Write write write. (2) Focus more on creating original pilot scrips vs. spec scripts (to have to share with people). (3) Write write write. (4) Get a job in a network / on a digital media set.

Both industries are also about networking properly and getting your work into the right hands. So we have to be trusting with our talent and work.

This may be a curve ball in our current adventure, but we may have to consider Los Angeles in the future. Everyone we have talked to in these industries say most of the work (and opportunities) is in Los Angeles. It’s not impossible to do the same thing here in NY, there are just not as many opportunities [in comparison to L.A.].

But New York City is still the goal. Why?

  1. We have a free and safe place to stay here in NY.
  2. We are in a perfect location to commute to and from the city.
  3. We have networking opportunities.
  4. We can get experience here first before considering relocating.
  5. We can make our dreams happen here.

I never pictured our adventure taking us to L.A. Considering this as an option definitely ups the anxiety-meter, but for now, we are just focusing on what we can do here in New York.

That’s where we are so far!

Now, back to more local stuff –



This is Home. ♥

Peter’s house is famous during Halloween, as he dresses up the house and yard for the holiday. It’s pretty famous here in Katonah.


I love the structures and houses here! A lot of the houses are Victorian-style mixed with craftsman-styles. The details on the homes are so neat to see; a lot of the houses even have fun with color choices.

Above are images from the village. There’s a pharmacy, a few coffee shops, a small market, boutique shops – the basics. The train station is located here; this is all about a 7-10 minute walk from the house. It does not take long to walk down the main street before hitting the train station at the end.

What is not pictured but also in walking distance from the house – all in one shopping center; we have groceries and a place to get my hair and nails done. It’s perfect. (For me)

Daniel and I like to travel with our stomachs. Peter has been fabulous at introducing us to the best places to eat around here.

I do not have any pictures of the food, but I will include the links:

(P.S. The cities I list next to these places are extremely close)

Pizza Station (Katonah): PIZZA! In walking distance! They have different options in slices and it is extremely yummy (and not pricey). I suggest a classic pepperoni slice and a buffalo chicken slice.

Bareburger (Mt. Kisco): Amazing burgers and shakes. They are organic and offer great vegetarian options. Not 100% sure if they are vegan, but I’m sure they make accommodations. Make sure to get a milkshake with your burger; don’t forget the special sauces for fries and/or onion rings.

Westchester Burger Co. (Mt. Kisco): More awesome burgers and shakes. But they have more options too! Mac and cheese, sliders, etc.

Purdy’s Farmer and the Fish (North Salem): Seafood! Amazing, delicious seafood! We tried different west coast and east coast oysters. The lobster roll was delicious. Pricey.

Our favorite, so far –

TRUCK (Bedford): Described as “Northern New Mexican” cuisine. Delicious tacos and drinks. A little pricey. Fried oysters are too good. They have different types of tacos. Fresh, organic; farm to table. Just YUM.

What about NYC? 

We have not had the opportunity to be too adventurous food-wise in the city. Daniel and I have a couple of places in mind – but we’re waiting to be employed first.

We have only been to the city a handful of times, but we have had some awesome experiences.

Tea & Sympathy (NY): (Pics below) Daniel and I had Afternoon Tea for 2. Our favorite part of our 2015 London trip was afternoon tea. If I recall correctly, with a tip, we spent about $90 here. But it was worth it. The restaurant itself is tiny; the bathroom is tinier than any train/plane bathroom. But the atmosphere and service is amazing. I want to go back soon.

And finally  Cookie Dough Confections (NY): (Pic below – and more on Instagram) Do you love cookie dough? Then COME HERE. I had the Chocolate Dream cookie dough in a red velvet cone. Daniel was more a fan of his milkshake, but I love cookie dough. They do offer a few ice cream options. I would probably get one scoop of CD and one scoop of ice cream the next time I go. They also offer pre-packaged cookie dough so you can take some home – whether it’s just for eating or to bake.

cookie do

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy and, at times, scatter-brained blog.

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