The Beginning

The above pictures are from our travels from D.C. to Katonah during the 4th nor’easter. Coming from GA, seeing so many salt trucks and snow plows was so exciting! GA probably has two salt trucks in the entire state (haha).

March 25, 2018

  • My last day of work was Friday, March 9th.
  • I then had my last, relaxing weekend in GA.
  • We started the packing process on Monday, March 12th.
  • The Storage POD was delivered Thursday, March 15th.
  • The POD was picked up Saturday, March 17th.
  • From there, we stayed with my in-laws.
  • We started our journey to NY Tuesday, March 20th.
  • We arrived in Katonah, NY Wednesday, March 21st.
  • As of today, March 25th, there are no job interviews scheduled. No prospects, yet.

And that is okay.

Since Daniel, Harley (our dog), and I arrived in Katonah, we have been settling in, exploring the town, and spending a bit of time applying for jobs. I have just spent the last few hours applying for jobs, sending messages to people via LinkedIn about job opportunities, and inspecting jobs on for anything that may peek my interests. I applied to a couple of “confidential” Executive Assistant positions, just curious as to what that could look like.

Ideally, I want to work in the television/film industry, in any entry-level capacity.

Yes, our move to NY was mainly built on the dream that I want to be a writer. But there are no “writer” jobs, unless you have experience; but there are opportunities here in NY. I want to build a career but use my free time, however that may look, focused on writing.

But who knows what could happen? This is just the beginning. Maybe an Administrative or Exec. Assistant position could lead to opportunities where I learn more about the television/film industries. And it’s about networking, too. “It’s about who you know…” we hear so often.

Uncle Peter could definitely help us find jobs within Sesame Street, however Daniel and I are currently working to find jobs on our own (of course, with help from connections).

Life in Katonah has been exciting so far, in a very laid back way. While we try to “forget” the idea that Daniel and I are both unemployed and homeless, it is refreshing to be surrounded by the “unknown.” Yes, I know we’re not homeless. Uncle Peter and our cousin, 15-year-old Jonah, have been gracious hosts. Not having to pay rent is a plus, too.

Daniel and I have been taking Harley on nice walks – which is great, considering we were not very active back in GA. The area is walk-able and it’s nice to stop by the village for a coffee. We certainly need the exercise, as our moving process from weeks before included a lot of fast food and eating out.

As of now, we are comfortable. There is a bit of stress to find jobs and an apartment as soon as possible, but for me personally, I am okay with taking the time to find a job I ideally want, versus finding any job that is just needed to pay the bills.

How did the “goodbyes” go in Georgia? Tougher than I imagined. Firstly, there is no “goodbye.” I know we will see our friends and family soon. (We didn’t move to Paris for goodness sake, although that is still an ideal future home…some day…)

I do miss everyone. Although, we have not been gone that long for me to linger on it too emotionally. Right now I am just too excited to start our lives in NY.

We are here. We are hungry for opportunities (and lunch, as it’s about 12:40pm now). We can’t wait for that first call for an interview (which hopefully comes soon). I am trying to mentally prepare myself for a long job-hunting process while also encourage myself that things will work out.

Things will work out. I truly believe that.




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