(Picture was taken in June 2016)

March 12, 2018

So… it is finally happening …

We leave for New York next Tuesday (March 20th)! Daniel and I are currently unemployed, stressed, but indescribably excited.

A lot has happened since my last post back in November – –

In addition to dealing with the weight of the holidays, I was unfortunately in a car accident in December. Adding chiropractic care to my already busy life meant adding another check box to the To-Do list. My chiropractor, every week, notes the amount of stress she can feel on my body. Perfect timing, right? Adding a car accident on top of prepping for an out-of-state move.

Of course, we also started to deal with the process of moving – –

We put the house on the market in January. Received an offer in February. And we close March 19th. There is a lot to the process of selling a house and I would prefer not to bore you with the details. It was hectic and nerve wracking.

What I will share with you is the funny side to the timing of selling our house. Our original goal (and dream) is that we would receive offers immediately and be able to close on the house at the end of February, allowing us to move to NY effective March 1st. But considering offers and the back-and-forth etc. etc. blah blah blah… we agreed upon a later closing and a later arrival to NY.

At first it felt like we were off schedule. I kept telling myself, “We should be in NY NOW. We should be there sooner.”

And now, suddenly, I’m wondering, “Oh god, we need more time,” or, “This is all happening already? We need MORE TIME.

But I take a breath. I close my eyes. I envision our lives settling in temporarily at Uncle Peter’s house. And I tell myself, “It’s finally happening.”

We are moving to New York. We are going to miss our family and friends.

We are scared. We are excited.

Of course we are thrilled and excited about this new adventure! But it would be naive to not admit the fear in all of this…

How much money can we live off of unemployed?

How quickly can we find jobs?

How quickly can we find an apartment?

Where are we going to live?

Is my 6’6″ husband going to suffer in a small NY apartment?

But again, I close my eyes and remind myself that our adventure is merely beginning. I ignore those constant comments from people reminding us of the cold weather in NY or how expensive it is to live in the city.

I am lucky to have my husband, Daniel, as my adventure partner. We appear to be feeling the same feelings, even if we describe those feelings with different words. We have each other and that is all that matters now.

Our storage POD arrives Thursday, so this week means more packing, more organizing, and more cleaning. Our time feels so compacted now and, on top of packing, we are trying to see family and friends “one last time.”

This is not a goodbye. It is a “see you later.”

We do want to see family and friends right before we leave, but Daniel and I have emotionally prepared for the fact that we may have already seen people for the “last time.” While we realistically will be visiting GA within the next year, there is still that sinking feeling in my stomach telling me I’m not ready for those “see you later” hugs.

There have already been tears and I am sure there are more to come.

On top of packing, Daniel and I are also applying for jobs in NY now. I am still stalking the HBO careers site, as well as other television networks.  Our biggest hope is that we are able to set up interviews in the next few weeks.

Writer’s Note: As a reminder, I realize that working for HBO or another television company does not mean I am setting up a career as a writer. I want to learn more about the television industry. Writing will be done on my own time. 

Looking at the clock now, it is 1:53 PM. That means I have been sitting in the same spot since this morning doing change-of-address updates for our accounts, applying for jobs, and writing this post. Daniel has been packing and moving boxes around the house. Our dog, Harley, seems to be stressed too, probably not understanding that in one week she will be traveling to NY.

To be honest, I am not sure what there is left for me to say here. There is so much going on in my brain right now. I am sure I will have more to write once we are in NY. But for now, I am letting excitement guide me; I am allowing fear to motivate me, but I will not let it control me.






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