Moving to New York: Why?

October 8, 2017

Hello. My name is Laura Ruth and I currently live in Georgia. I am twenty-eight-years-old and I am completely uprooting my life (and the life of my husband’s) to move to New York.

The initial feedback to our moving to New York has elicited quite a few similar responses:

“New York is so expensive!”

“New York is so COLD.”

“New York? Do you know it’s expensive to live there?”

While we have received joyful and positive reactions, the contrary dispositions of some tends to inspire many sarcastic answers that I keep to myself. Yes, this “southern” girl is aware that New York is expensive. In addition to warning us about moving to a pricey city, we also receive this main response:


My immediate reaction: “Why not?”

The purpose of this blog is meant to document our journey from Georgia to New York – while I hope this blog can inspire others who are contemplating a big change like this, I am mainly attempting to get the creative juices flowing again.

We are moving to New York so I can pursue my life-long dream of being a writer. A cliche, I know. But I will talk more about this later.

Let’s go back to the “Why not?”

When making a big life change, I believe it’s fair to expect concern from those around you. Sure, I was hoping that everyone I talked to about New York would react excitedly and congratulate me on pursuing my passions. I was not surprised when people began to ask more serious questions regarding where we would live, what jobs we would have, and, especially, if we were prepared to leave our friends and family behind.

I hate that we are leaving our loved ones. While I consider myself to be a writer, it’s difficult to find the words to express how hard this is for my husband, Daniel, and me. Daniel is a born-and-raised Georgia boy and I have lived in Georgia since 2002. Our immediate families and our friends are all here in Georgia. The idea of leaving makes me physically nauseous, especially when I picture the official farewell.

So how can I casually say, “Why not?” How can we make a decision based on a far-fetched dream of mine?

Now is the time to do it.

Daniel is 31-years-old; I consider the both of us to still be young. We have a dog, Harley Quinn, who is three-years-old and, I believe, can be a good city doggo. We have no children. And while we love our lives here in Georgia, we are ready for the next chapter.

If there is a time in our lives to take a risk, it’s now.

I have always lived in a comfort zone. It’s this place where aspects of my life are easy and I share the same hopeful dreams many twenty-somethings nowadays have:

  • Have good credit
  • Buy a house some day
  • Get out of debt
  • Have a Savings

I do not consider my life to be difficult. Daniel and I bought our first house last year. We have two cars, one is paid off. We are even lucky enough to have jobs that we enjoy and provide a comfortable lifestyle for ourselves.

(I consider ‘comfortable’ to mean that we can go to Universal Studios and Wizarding World of Harry Potter as much as I want)

Everything right now is easy and comfortable for us. If we wanted to start having kids, we would be prepared to do so.

But I want more.

I want to know that I at least took a chance. I do not want any regrets. I feel that the worst case scenario is that we move back to Georgia with a better appreciation for our lives from before. Coming back to Georgia in any fashion will never be considered a failure on our parts.

My anxiety has kept me in this comfort zone for too long. While this whole process is terrifying, I am actually excited about this uncertainty. This is the first time in my life that I am running away from the comfort zone and into the unknown.

Next year, we will be selling our house and one of our cars. We’ll be selling or donating furniture. We will be packing our personal items and invading the home of our dear Uncle Peter (in Katonah, NY) while we find our way.

Our lives are about to flipped upside down and I can’t wait!

I hope you continue to follow us on this journey. My next posts will be a bit more specific regarding our planning and our goals. Thank you for reading.


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